International Aroid Society

The crypts pages by Jan D. Bastmeijer
Everything you might want to know about the genus Cryptocoryne.

The Anthurium Primer by Neil Carroll

Arisaema Enthusiast Group (AEG)

Meconostigma: Pahatan Kehidupan by Airlan San Juan
A website dedicated to Philodendron subgenus Meconostigma

Lester Kallus Home Page
Aroid enthusiast homepage with plenty of digital images. Here you will also find the IAS identication pages, the Amorphophallus project for IAS including many nice photographs and a very interesting list of edible aroids sorted by common name, scientific name or by cuisine ...

Marek Argent's aroid pages

Nils Koester's Plant Galleries
Nice pictures of Araceae from Ecuador

Andean Botanical Information System

Asian Flora
A picturesque journey through the flora of Asia, many rare and little known plants.

Webpage of Indian aroids
Information by Shri Niwas Singh including a list of Indian aroid species.

The Indonesian Botanic Gardens
Some information with links to the four Botanic Gardens: Bogor, Cibodas, Purwodadi and Eka Karya (in Bali).

Famine Food Homepage
A list with some very interesting information on some aroids that are not normally considered as crops but are consumed in times of famine.

Wealth of the Rainforest from Raintree Nutrition, Inc.
If you go to the Rainforest Plant Database, then select By Botanical Name, you have a link to Dracontium loretense. There, do not forget to check the wonderful pictures ! However to me, these are of Dracontium peruvianum and not Dracontium longipes.

Photographic images from the Australian National Botanic Gardens
Nice pictures including a few aroids.

C.I.T.E.S. (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species)